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Looking for answered prayer or a swift resolution from the heavenly court rooms?


Out of the Darkness now offers one-on-one prayer sessions with a Seer or Prophet Professional who has had countless encounters with the Court Rooms of Heaven, providing accurate prophetic words for people, healings, and prayer answers.  With years of experience and a track record of helping others change their lives through prayer, you too can get the answers you need from Heaven. Don't delay, book your appointment today.

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Hi! I'm Semra, a Seer Prophetess!

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I have been watching and interacting with the supernatural my whole life and have learnt so many things that will astound you!


This mysterious realm has been impacting your life, and mine, in both positive and negative ways, and it's time to change that! Constant cycles of failures, repetitive bad relationships, sickness all the way from your ancestors! It's never ending! What I've learnt about the Unseen World will change the course of your life forever!

I was broken from a domestic violent childhood, then a failed marriage, then a failed life! I lived in fear, anxiety, curses and cycles of failure and destruction were evident in my everyday life, not because of choice, but because of the Unseen world! I was constantly visited by dark ancient spirits that tormented me because of my ancestors and their wicked choices! I had to learn how to get out constantly of devastating circumstances that ruled my life from the unseen world! Now, I will show you how!

Through these 'Out of the Darkness' eBook Series, I will guide you out of toxic lifestyles, devastating dangers, wicked contracts, repeated failures, sicknesses and curses that won't go away, and the terrible unseen traps that keep you locked up in cages, stagnated and delayed of your success, your health and even holding back your money, because of the Ancient Dark Spiritual Systems in play!

Join me on a practical journey and enter through the ancient mystical gateways that are ruining your life, and turn them around into a life of change - because it's all happening in the Supernatural!

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My knowledge of the prophetic has increased greatly since knowing Semra! She has provided me with great spiritual strength during trying times in ministry.


Thank you so much, helping to be free from dark dreams.. Amen 💕🙏👍 Truly blessed me in insight that I didn't know. I recommend this book, whoever is searching

about dreams.

Casual Clothing


Great book. Easy to read and understand. If you are seeking to understand the spiritual walk with Christ; read this.


This is a good book and will set you free. Very informative and inspirational books.

Thank you very much. Awesome!


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