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Updated: Jan 13, 2023

Do you constantly feel confused, agitated, or anxious, and don't know why?

Are you frustrated all the time to the point of being frustrated at your frustration?

Constantly feel like someone is watching you, but there is no one there!

You can't make right decisions, always feeling down, your mind is clouded, you can't make right judgements, making too many mistakes, almost like your tripping over yourself?

You feel dizzy occasionally, you feel like a failure even though you work real hard, you even feel like spiders are crawling on your face, and dream about spiders all the time?

You may be under spiritual attack!!

Actually you are under spiritual attack! I know, I've been there!

Do you wish you could stop all this frustration and craziness? I know did! I got so tired of being frustrated at my frustration, that I cried out so hard for God to help me and get me out of this mess, and as a loving Father, He opened my eyes to the supernatural realms that were playing with my emotions, all the way from my ancestral bloodline! I never knew such a thing still existed, and in my life! I thought witchcraft was just fairy tales, stories told to scare children, but these stories, including the ones my mother told me, as we were growing up, about giants in their villages eating babies for dinner, were ruining my life, and how God used it all to get me out, and to help countless others who were controlled, manipulated, and destroyed, because of witchcraft!

I know how you feel, you look for answers but you can't find them, you pray day and night but nothing changes, you feel cursed and it's driving you mad! Don't worry, I am here to help guide you out, as I too spent most of my life in failure, stagnation, delay, confusion, frustration, pitfalls, car accidents, and a room full spiders attacking me in the middle of the night!

My life was a mess, I was constantly, agitated, frustrated, in continual arguments with loved ones and didn't know why. I would wake up in the middle of the night freaked out by spiders filling the room, and climbing down the light to jump on me! I would always lose the deal, or people would just backstab me for no reason! People would always take from me and I could never see a way forward, even though I prayed day and night! I was a mess! I felt like a ceiling was holding me back from ever succeeding, and that's exactly what was happening in the supernatural realm. Then God started showing me, through visions, and in the word of God that witchcraft was in our bloodline, all the way to our ancestors, even from the temples of Set, I was freaked out, I'm not even Egyptian! Witchcraft was the cause of so many problems and attacks in my life, and it was the spirits that were causing me to fail, fall, lose out, lose money, lose jobs, have constant car accidents, and continually be in arguments that in the end did not know what we were arguing about, because they had access to me through my bloodline, that was activated through spells and coffee cup readings! I even married a man whose mother was a witch and I didn't even know it! It was time to pull back the supernatural curtains and clean the supernatural spaces, and spirits that were causing me so much trouble!


You constantly feel or experience the following:

1. Frustrated at your frustration

2. Uncontrollable Anger outburst for no reason

3. Confusion and mind fog

4. Dizziness and light headiness

5. Continual failure

6. Delay and Stagnation

7. Feeling spiders, or webs, are on you

These are only some of the signs that show you are under spiritual attack, and that if you don't deal with it, it will keep ruining your life!

The Bible says these feelings and emotions are attacks from the supernatural realms! That the struggles we are facing are not because we are late with bill payments, or can't stand our loved ones, it is because the spirits in the supernatural realms are at work, behind the spiritual veils of our lives, behind the curtains that we can't see, and are using this stealthily, through humans, to access us via witchcraft spells, curses, altars, poison, drugs, and so on.

“our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms” [Ephesians 6:10]

Spells, Curses, Altars, and Demonic Strongholds, do not leave that easy, especially the ones that come from your personal bloodline. If they have a legal right, and usually they do, they will just stay, and stay, and stay, and torment you until YOU figure out how to kick them out!

It's time to kick witchcraft to the curb, remove them from your life, your job, your business and your family, and start living a life of victory!!

Learn more in How to break free from Witchcraft available on Amazon.

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