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Updated: Jan 13, 2023

Halloween is the highest time of the demonic season where spiritual doors are open and demons and dark spirits enter your life.

John Ramirez, an ex-warlock of Santeria from New York City, was 25-years in the witchcraft business, cursing people and working for Satan. He tells us that Halloween celebrates Satan and his kingdom, and once you put your child into a Halloween costume they are "putting on spirits" of the dark Kingdom.

Are you opening doors to your children into the demonic realm?

Watch John now and learn how the Kingdom of darkness is luring you in with "tricks and treats" and chants of the spiritual world, and that what seems like fun and games is actually a door opener!

I grew up in witchcraft but it was hidden. My mother and her family would seek out "gypsies" witches to buy "spells" and "potions" to get what they wanted. As a Seer I could see the demons in the house that were tormenting us, just like you see in the movies.

You can learn how to defeat devils, ghost and ghouls, and turn them from using you and hurting your loved ones in my books "Out of the Darkness Series."

Pray your way out of the dark kingdom and bring blessings and favour into your family through the Blood of Jesus!

God loves you and is always watching you.

Thank you for joining the Kingdom of Light!

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