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Updated: Aug 21, 2022

Find yourself struggling with your thoughts lately?

Can't get a clear mind, feeling foggy, and simply just confused?

You may be under spiritual attack, through witchcraft! Spiritual witchcraft is not a thing of the past, and is affecting many people today in this busy, witchcraft saturated world! Idol worship still exists, just look in almost every household and you will see a Buddha statue, or ancient statues, decorating the house, or gardens, for style and decor. But little do people know these statues open doorways to the supernatural realms, giving access to demonic entities, which bring havoc, sickness, oppression and depression. How do I know, cause I've seen it with my own eyes!

Many years ago, I went to visit a friend, and whilst I waited on the lounge for him to make coffee, my head automatically turned to the small Buddha statue that was sitting on the TV counter. I never noticed it before, perhaps it was something new he bought for decoration, but I almost jumped out of my skin when I saw three evil spirits flying around it, never stopping, chanting and worshiping this idol. I screamed at the top of my lungs and he came running in. When I explained what I saw, and that he needed to immediately get rid of it, he looked at me as if I lost it and of course thought I was nuts! Who wouldn't, right? He removed it from my view, telling me he threw it away, but something drew me to open the cupboard door and there I found it on the floor, and immediately yelled at him to throw it off the balcony to smash it into a thousand pieces, to destroy any connection with the statue, and the spirits that occupied it, for then they would have nothing to cling to. But by this stage he just tried to 'calm me down' and convince me there was "no spirits on the statue." Well, of course that's what he would think, and most people do [rolling eyes at me]. He didn't know I could see into the spiritual realms! Eventually his business died down and he had to shut down his business.

What are you allowing into your life that is causing confusion and disruption?

In ancient times, God told the Israelite's to break down these statues, and not to worship idols of the other nations, but today people still think it's OK and colorful. Idol worship, even small, impacts the spiritual climate, and the atmosphere around you. If you’ve ever been to an idolatrous nation you will immediately notice the oppressive, heavy feeling, and denseness in the atmosphere. I felt this in Los Angeles as soon as I got off the plane and saw the markings of witchcraft in Cyprus when I walked through the villages and the high mountains.

...destroy all their figured stones and metal images and demolish all their high places. Numbers 33:52

The Queen of Heaven, a pagan goddess, was huge in ancient times, and was worshiped in all cultures and Kingdoms, but under different names, she is still worshiped today under the guise of Catholic Mother Mary, as known in Ephesus and in the book of Acts [19] by Apostle Paul. Originally known as Artemis [virgin goddess of the hunted animals and chastity, who brought diseases to women], was also known as Diana [Roman goddess] to Mother Nature, and to some 'Moon Goddesses.' Worshiped by witches, and warlocks, this moon goddess is indicated by the moon crown on her head. When the Greek cities fell to Roman rule, the goddess Diana was merged with the goddess Artemis, as Romans would allow the places they took over to continue to worship their own gods, and goddesses, incorporating them into the Roman pantheon, as we have seen in Ephesus and Rome. Diana was one of the three maiden goddesses, Diana, Minerva and Vesta, who swore never to marry, and are worshiped still in Wicca faith. In some Wiccan texts, 'Lucifer' is a name used interchangeably for Diana’s brother, Apollo!

In the “Old Religion” of Italy called Stregheria, Diana was embraced as Queen of the witches. On his search to find out the truth about Italian witchcraft beliefs, and this goddess Diana, Charles Leland, published a book in 1899 called 'Aradia, The Gospel of Witches.' He reported receiving this manuscript from his primary informant, a woman referred to as “Maddalena,” a witch, with an Etruscans family lineage. Her knowledge of ancient rituals was staggering and it took her about eleven years, after his intense searching, for her to finally reveal it to him. The book portrays the origins, beliefs, rituals, and spells of the Italian pagan witchcraft tradition, but the text also contains stories and myths suggesting influences from both the ancient Roman religion and Roman Catholicism. One of these stories included a priest's messenger, Chierico, a young boy, who called out to assist the new bride. To his amazement, when he arrived at the wedding feast, and attended her room, he saw not the ten bridesmaids that had previously assisted the bride in her procession, but their ten images in wood, and in terracotta, with Diana standing on a moon. The bridesmaids were not real, but only temporary spirits portraying humans. When mentioned to the Priest, he was so impressed of these images, he decided to put the images in the church as 'Madonna and the Moon,' but it is Diana—la Dea della Luna. The story claims that the new bride was poor and called out to the spirit Diana, and in return giving her life to the spirit, she gave her the husband, and the wedding people only dream of. But this illusion had consequences, and has now claimed countless lives of believers who follow the belief that it is Mother Mary, but it is merely the replication of Diana, and the ancient spirit of the underworld.

This Queen of Heaven, through Mary worship today, still brings out the spirits of ancient days, and her name is Jezebel. A manipulative, conniving, deceptive, principality spirit, that brings about your lustful desires, promising you many pleasures, that simply lead to destruction. She has smaller demons under her rule and reign, and easily entices people with what they want, or desire, giving you unseen power to go for what you want, and get it, if not kill, or destroy, everything in its path to get it! This is what the bible calls idolatry worship, who seduces people in Revelation 2:20.

The Mary of the Bible, who had Jesus, did not want our worship, she was a believer just like you and me, obedient to God, and the Holy Spirit, and when people came to see the birth of Jesus, they did not worship Mary, they worshiped the King of kings, Jesus, and presented Him the gifts, not Mary.

Jesus is our King, and our advocate, it is through Him we connect with God, but the slight misinterpretation and delusion that has been created, and has lost many souls to the very spirit, Jezebel, and through it they will receive the lying, deceptive spirit, that causes much problems, in the thoughts and minds of her victims!

"For there [is only] one God, and [only] one Mediator between God and men, the Man Christ Jesus, Who gave Himself as a ransom for all [people, a fact that was] attested to at the right and proper time.” [1 Timothy 2:5-6 ]

Jesus never approved any type of Mary worship, in fact, he said, "whoever did the will of His Father in Heaven," they would be brothers and sisters of His family.

Matthew 12:46-50 we read, “Jesus was still speaking to the people when behold, His mother and brothers stood outside, seeking to speak to Him. Someone said to Him, Listen! Your mother and Your brothers are standing outside, seeking to speak to You. But He replied to the man who told Him, Who is My mother, and who are My brothers? And stretching out His hand toward [not only the twelve disciples but all] His adherents, He said, Here are My mother and My brothers. For whoever does the will of My Father in heaven is My brother and sister and mother!”

The battle starts in the mind, and this is why the Jezebel spirit attacks your mind, so she can control the rest of you. If she can confuse you enough, and distract you with your pleasures, wants and desires, the rest of you will follow! So whilst you become blind to these tactics, sin knocks at your door, and you start believing it is OK to do those things, but it will soon rule you, with a destructive fate. That's why you feel foggy, and can't make right judgement decisions in order to take the bait.

Don't let your mind be foggy, confused, or distracted another day! Learn how to pray effectively in FIVE KEYS TO ANSWERED PRAYER, and rid Jezebel once and for all, clearing your mind, will and emotion, to free you up to do the will of the Father, and live a blessed life!

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