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Does God speak in our Dreams?

Updated: Aug 21, 2022

Did you know God speaks to us in our dreams? It is here where God tries to get our attention from the busyness of life, when we are quiet, still and not noisome with all the distractions of life!

The Bible says, "in the night whilst we are in deep sleep," God sends us messages, images, prophecies, Angels, and even speaks to us, if we are able to hear His voice!

He put Adam into a deep sleep in order to pull out Eve. [Genesis 2:21]

He taught Daniel in all knowledge and skill, wisdom and learning about the Dream Estate, and even Visions! [Daniel 1:17]

He let Jacob see a myriad of Angels, ascending and descending, from Heaven to Earth, in his dream. [Genesis 28:12]

God called Samuel loudly, three times, he thought Eli was calling him [1 Samuel 3:8]

What is God trying to say to you?

  • Warnings of coming catastrophes?

  • Trouble in the family?

  • Trouble at work?

  • An exciting new promotion?

  • A new spiritual gift?

  • A new journey or direction?

  • A new business?

  • Trying to reveal your destiny?

  • Perhaps trying to break you free from bondage, or an addiction?

  • Maybe trying to heal you?

  • Teach you something new?

Anything is possible, especially in the Dream Estate, and if you can't hear God's voice right now, unpacking your dreams is a great way to start! Checking the Bible for images and references that match to yours is the best way to go, and simply asking the Holy Spirit to reveal the purpose of the Dream, or you can ask a Holy Spirit filled Prophet/Seer to help breakdown and unpack the Dream for you!

But God is not the only one crossing over the threshold of the supernatural veil! Ancient spirits try to make agreements with us in our Dream Estate to enter the Earth Realm! HOW? Through our bloodline + our sins!

I was amazed how many times witches have tried to trap me in my dreams. They would come disguised as family members, or simply hide in the shadows of darkness, either way, they would try to get me to pick up items, eat food, drink poison, lock me in iron cages, or chase me down streets to steal my heart!

But how did they gain access - I'm not a witch!

Well, little did I know, in my bloodline is a long line of women who bought spells from gypsies that were just passing through the villages of their lives. Gypsies are known in ancient times as witches. A little coffee cup reading, palm reading, or tarot card reading, perhaps a spell to make a loved one do as you please, had given them access to these women, via these sins, and through my bloodline, which in turn came onto me.

What is in your bloodline giving beings access to you?

God calls witches an abomination and should be put to death! He told the Israelite's they would be defiled and He would turn his face against them if they mingled and tampered with occultists and witches, who used satanic power to get information from the supernatural. In the end, the witches would use this access to hunt their souls to destroy them, make them sick, depressed, confused or in pain, and turn them away from the love of God.

Scary! Just a little! But I learnt how to discern and remove this access from my bloodline with the blood of Jesus - the only one who covers all sins and rescues us from our troubles!

The problem is most of us don't take our dreams seriously and just think it was something we imagined up at night, or was part of our memories we saw during the day! Perhaps a movie we were watching and now is just on replay in our minds, whilst we sleep. But I haven't seen any witches flying around ever, so how did they enter my dreams?

The Bible is our connection to understanding everything spiritual and supernatural.

Therefore, the best way to unpack your dreams is to:

1. Keep a journal by your bed and immediately write down what you saw, heard, and felt!

2. Look up scriptures that match these images or words and try to unpack it

3. Cross reference with other visions and dreams in the Bible to all the Prophets

4. Ask the Holy Spirit to help guide you through the process

5. Seek advice from a spirit filled Prophet/Seer

7. Seek advice from Bible Dictionary meanings

8. Also looking up the Greek, or Hebrew, translation of the word in the concordance, which gives you a better understanding of the true meaning of the word, and it's context.

Once you understand what the symbols and imagery means you begin to see a pattern of where the attack is coming from, such as iron bars, iron gates, iron door frames, iron candlebras, iron plates etc.... Then you can attack with spiritual warfare prayers and dismantling any spells, attacks, curses or bondage you might be in.

Learn how I escaped many times from witches who were trying to trap and steal from me, my joy, my prosperity, my relationships, my health and my career through my dreams.

Learn how you can understand the Dream Estate, symbols and strange places in How to break free from Dream Stealers

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