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God is Love?

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

The Bible teaches us that God is love. Jesus taught us that God is Love and is Our Father in Heaven. People for centuries have been teaching us that God is love - but how do we know?

When I grew up my mother taught me to be afraid of God, that he was an angry God holding a big wooden stick and would strike me if I did anything wrong! What a way to grow up - fearing a magical silent God that was somewhere out there in the universe that I couldn't see! How would he reach me? How would he know if I did something wrong? How would he smack me with that wooden stick?

I don't know, I never asked because I was too afraid to even think such things!! I grew up in the Muslim faith. I never questioned my faith or my mother's comments about God. I feared God, my mother and definitely my earthly father! My father abused my mother day and night with violence, abuse, physical and verbal. There were nights of endless arguments and beatings where we couldn't sleep just hearing them argue all night until morning. He frightened us with a gun in the cupboard if we talked to boys, or leaving the house. Girls did house chores and then got married at eighteen just to rear more children, and be controlled by another violent abusive man, and the endless cycle continues. My father threw unsatisfied food across the table, drunk alcohol all hours of the early morning and nights, was selfish and only cared about fulfilling his selfish desires. He was always angry, never happy, displeased about everything and ruled and reigned over his family with violence and abuse! Children were told to be silent, to never speak back and received a hard smack if they did! And we did, way too many smacks.

My life was hard. I never questioned these ways until I met a friend who had a picture of Jesus, Mary and Joseph who said - that was God! My curiosity overtook me - how could she have a picture of God? It was unheard of! So my questions began, to my mum, and to the Muslim teacher who came to teach us about Mohamed and Allah - until I questioned her about Jesus! Who was He? How did he die for us? How was he God? These questions and more circled my mind round and round they went every week more and more curious, about Angels appearing, stars shining and Jesus dying - what did it all mean? I was only six-years-old, and was again told to be silent and not to ask these sorts of questions!!

Well, then when I was about twelve-years-old I was visited by a dark-evil spirit. It's looming presence and over towering power paralyzed me with fear! I battled with my mind and body, I was afraid more than ever so before! More than the smacks my parents hit me with, and even much more than the gun that was pointed directly at me! This thing was real, and standing right in front of me!! It's red eyes stared right through me, speaking to me as though it had authority over me, and I couldn't do anything about it. A supernatural being overpowered me and I didn't know what to do - so I prayed! I called Mohamed and Allah to come and rescue me, repeatedly saying the prayers that I was taught to memorize week in and week out - but they did not come! No one came to rescued me. Instead, the dark spirit laughed at me and told me "they aren't coming."

Frozen with fear, and paralyzed to move, I prayed all night until morning, as this thing tormented me with words and laughed in my face, controlling and overpowering my every move. When I opened my eyes that morning, as the sun shone through the weeping willow leaves, I questioned myself! If Allah didn't come to rescue me, and if Mohamed didn't to rescue me - then I needed to find this God who would!

I spent the next few years looking for God, the real God, and found a loving Father, who didn't have a stick that was going to smack me with, but loving arms waiting for me to find and surrender to His love! There was no fear here - only love, peace, joy, goodness, forgiveness, hope and wonder! God sent me Jesus, and through Jesus I met the Holy Spirit, who guides, counsels and comforts me, and both of them led to me a loving Father - GOD! I have seen me. A wonderful glorious light! He shines bright always, an endless glory of light and love, that shines through us and to us. His love is so wonderful I want to just sit in it all day! Nothing compares to this wonderful love - nothing on earth and even in the universe compares. It's miraculous and amazing!

The Bible is God's word, given to us by God, to Jesus, and through His disciples, so that we might get to know Him, His love and His coming home salvation plan to heaven - through Jesus. His love is written about more than 300 times in the Bible! His love is about faith - a connection to the divine - a connection to His love. When I was in darkness I didn't know I was in darkness - I didn't know the very thing I was in - I lacked knowledge and understanding - yet God still guided me through. The fear I grew up in was normal - I thought it was normal for everyone - but it wasn't! I was in darkness and I didn't know about this loving Father that was waiting on the other side of belief! God sparked something in me that changed my life forever and has never been the same. His agape love - unconditional love - moved me - then changed me. No matter what I did, or how bad I was, or even planned to do, His love was unconditional - He still loved me the same. Even when I didn't understand His word, or truth, or try to be a good person - He still loved me no matter what! I want to share His wonderful love with you! It's free and all you have to do is believe, confess it and accept it! God want's to share His love with you - are you willing to take it?

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God love's you so much and is waiting on the other side of your faith and belief to meet you, to speak with you and to love you more than you can ever imagine!

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