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Updated: Jan 13, 2023

Are you anxious about waiting on responses from people? A job, a career, or a new direction? Perhaps a new business partner? A new business venture? Maybe even a new date for love? It can all be exciting and extremely frustrating at the same time especially when we can't control what the outcome is going to be.

But if God wants to bring you something new, He will lead you to it and through it!

It can be nerve racking waiting for your life to be in the hands of a stranger, whether you have the job or not or if you are going to succeed in business. Your resume really doesn't show who you really are, what your really capable of doing, all the skills you have and learnt over time. It doesn't show your character, your desires, and your passions! But God knows! You wait for responses, weeks go by and sometimes even months, only to receive a standard cold rejection email that says; "thank you, but no thanks!"

It can be hurtful and even harmful to our thoughts, hearts and emotions. We wonder why we weren't chosen. Were we good enough? What went wrong? Could have I written a better letter? I had the experience why wasn't I chosen? So many things go through our minds eagerly wanting to know why it didn't go the way we planned.

Have you ever considered God may have had a different plan? And those doors we keep bashing down may not be the best things for us. He knows what's best for us - for our growth, our spiritual walk and even our emotions! Sometimes the door is better closed, for some of the struggles we face may have not been for us and there may have been a better option. It's better to stay away then to go through and face the unnecessary heartache and pain, which is not good for your soul! Ask God before you take any leap.

I once went for a job interview in a well-known established Media global company. I was very excited as I had previously wanted to work there but never had the opportunity. I had walked past the building many times and would confess, "one day, I am going to work here...." then finally I applied and got accepted for a job! I walked in the building foyer, got my security pass, stood there and said confidently, "God, this is my job!" I met with the HR Business Partner and five minutes later she gave me the job - on the spot! I was surprised, intrigued, amazed and even shocked..... it worked! My confession worked!! I did it!

I claimed it, received it, and God delivered it!

But as the days went on, somehow in my spirit, I felt warning bells shaking in my gut and somehow knew that I had made the wrong choice! Under all the fancy brands and names in lights, I felt something was wrong! And I was right! Six months later, I realized it was not the prestigious, excellent, wow place I thought it was, and before I knew it I was asking God why did I do this to myself and to get me outta here!! I could see Him smiling and thinking - it was what you wanted! It felt as though He took a step back and let it take place and watched it unfold. Why? Because of the laws placed on the universe, and the earth that govern the Kingdom of God.

I then felt terrible that I did not seek His Face for assurance, running in there so confident, in blazing glory claiming and taking what was mine! Then suffering at the hands of man who were cruel and disrespectful, and outright rude, completely ignoring me as though I didn't exist! It was the greatest lesson that year, that even though it was amazing that I could take what I wanted, I suffered the severe consequences - but God still pulled me through it!

A fool's mouth is his destruction, and his lips are the snare of his soul.... the power of the tongue and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof. Proverbs 18

The word of God teaches us that we can cause our own destruction by OUR WORDS. We blame God or everyone else when things are going bad in our lives, but we never take a real look at what is causing us so much trouble - the little thing that sits right under our nose - our mouth!

I've seen so many people, even believers and even myself... that in one day we confess faith and hope and positive affirmations and then the next day we are fighting with our spouses, cursing them to death with words, or even speaking negative words over our own lives stating "we are not good enough," "that will never happen to me," "I am just a failure," "you will never get this," and that is what exactly takes place!

The power is in our tongue and in our confessions, and when we eat the bitter taste of it's snares, we must repent and God will faithfully restore what we have personally done, even to ourselves. He is faithful to get us out of the messes that we create of our own accord. He is such a loving Father, that even when we kick ourselves in the face, He pulls us through!

I learnt my lesson fast and prayed myself out of that place as fast as I could. Why did God allow it knowing this was not the right place for me to work, knowing it wasn't the right condition for my soul and spiritual growth, knowing I would actually end up despising the very thing I asked for? I couldn't blame God, it was all my fault! And now I had to take responsibility for it.

In this lesson, I learnt the most famous and very important phrase Jesus said; "nevertheless, not my will, your will be done!" I learnt that even though I needed a job, and wanted this particular job and work for this particular company, behind the veils of the big name in lights, the brand, and all the things we look at on the outside, it was really not God's best. Sometimes we forge through and even tell God, "Oh well I'm doing this anyway," and soon enough find it leaves a bitter taste in our mouths and in even in our stomachs from all the struggle, stress and anxiety it causes, with wounds to repair, trauma to face, disappointment to hurdle through and rejection to face. Then we find ourselves back on our knees, the place we should've started from before we rushed in guns blazing, and then repenting for something God didn't choose for us - cause it wasn't His best!

Luke 22:42: "Father, if you are willing, take this cup from me; yet not my will, but yours be done."

It's time to stop blaming God for the choices we choose and start asking Him for counsel, wisdom and direction!

God said, "choose life," "mediate on my word," "speak my word for it is life." He gave us the instructions for a healthy and wealthy joyous life, not a life of misery, in a terrible job you hate, in a career you despise. Make right choices today and have an amazing life with God.

God has a plan for you... and I know we've heard that phrase millions of times, but He does, and He wants to reveal it to you so that you can have your best life now and live out the amazing dream He has written for us in His books that are sealed in Heaven. I have seen them many times when I have gone up to Heaven and even when I have taken others up to the Courts of Heaven. Most books are closed because most of us don't bother to go up there and ask for them to be opened and receive the revelation of His perfect plan for our lives. We just push along on earth hoping for the best and doing what WE want! But He knows best and He wants you to know what that is! All you need to do is ASK!

God still allowed me to get the very thing I wanted and I paid the price for it because we have the authority on this earth - but this time I saw it and understood much more quickly than other times in my life. I learnt from this example, and even though He was still with me, walking with me, listening to my complaining and heartache, I learnt to trust in Him even more for my life and my choices, and the next job I definitely went to Him in prayer and when he says no - I agree with Him!

Now life is amazing, I pray for the best partners and they come, I pray for the best relationships, and they come, I pray for the right open doors and they come. Why? Cause I partner with God and there is less resistance, less struggle, no complaining. More joy in my work, in my relationships and life is so much better.

Your life can be amazing.

Are you partnered with the Holy Spirit for your best life now?

Let's pray:

Father, forgive me for being stubborn, and selfish, self-sighted, forging ahead trying to make things happen my way and not seeking your wise counsel for my life. I know you have plan for me, an excellent plan that is for me and my family to prosper, in health, in wealth, in prosperity, in friendships, in love and in life. You want what's best for me, I know that now and I will trust you even more with my life, my career, my partner, my business and my relationships. Lead me to the bread of life that is fulfilling and the living waters that shall flow out of me through you. Holy Spirit fill me with your Spirit, Love and Grace. Give me the power to make right choices. Fill with me your wisdom and counsel me in everything I do. I will listen and obey. In Jesus mighty and powerful name.

God bless,


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robin Preston
robin Preston
Jun 12, 2022

Can I buy the books not on Kindle but the actual books?

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