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Updated: Jan 13, 2023

Did you know that Ancient Spirits sit at the Ancient Gates of your past and block your supernatural gateway to God's Glory?

How do these Spirits stop you from receiving your blessing, healing and your destiny? By blocking the entryway to the King of Glory who has all the power to heal you and set you free?

We need to travel to our ancient past to see where these gates are and how they are blocked. Ancient Gates were used to draw people to temples to worship gods! Those doors invited Ancient Spirits to stand guard at the sins of the gates, which gave them legal entry into this world, blocking and choking up the gateways. The Temple of the most holy place in Jerusalem is where Yahweh resided, with fire and lightening, as the God of the Israelite's. Nations could see it from miles away, and it is still the place where many religions reside in the hope they can see it again. The Governmental Powers of today's nations still fight for this Holy Land today, because of its supernatural significance, the connection to God, and to the supernatural realms. Considered to be the center of the world, by many ancient texts and theologians, it was considered the place where portals opened, people ascended into other worlds, where ancient spirits descended through to this world, and where the gods met with humans!

“Just as the navel is found at the centre of a human being, so the land of Israel if found at the centre of the world. Jerusalem is at the centre of the land of Israel, and the temple is the centre of Jerusalem, the Holy of Holies is at the centre of the temple, the Ark is at the centre of the Holy of Holies, and the Foundation Stone is in front of the Ark, which spot is the foundation of the world.” [Midrash Tanhuma Qedoshim 10]

Much went on in the temple gates, people burnt incense to idols on altars outside temple doors, fire was burnt to pagan gods and goddess, statues were erected in their pagan names, armies of good and evil battled in the gates, soldiers guarded the doorways to stop enemy attacks, and even Prophets cried out messages from God, but did the people listen or change?

There was a constant flow of all sorts people bringing their religious beliefs, sick people lay at the gates, meetings were had, and where declarations and witnesses made contracts! It was where agreements were verbally sealed in the presence of witnesses, a necessity in an era before there was written legal contracts, “where your word was your bond and the witness was the signature.”

Now the translation of the Biblical word ‘gate,’ in the Strong's Concordance, says it is the 'entrance and the space inside the gate' i.e. a marketplace, public meeting place, city or town, temple, or the court of the tabernacle. In other words, it wasn't just a doorway, but a place of meeting and legal interaction! What they are talking about here is the gateways to the Ancient Kingdoms and the physical temple of God, the actual buildings. Some say these gates resemble the entrance ways to our soul, a reflection of humans gateways, that allow ancient spiritsto enter our souls!

In these places, our Ancient Ancestors opened these doors to ancient spirits, through sorcery and magic, via burning, sacrifice, and spells, causing us to worship other gods, willing or unwillingly, released them into our lives causing sickness, disease, famine and destruction! Because this all happened in the Temple Gates,it blocked our access to God's Glory, who was sitting in the middle of the temple, shining in all His Glory and might, ready to impart, manifest, and give us His Glory! But the front gates, the side gates, and the back gates, were polluted with idol worship and stinky incense to demon gods, causing choking, delusion, and distraction to the very thing we needed, right in the center! Just like today, God lives in our Heart, the center of our being, yet we choke Him with lies of the devil, sexual immorality, worship to idol gods, smoking and choking of all kinds of drugs and addictions into our body, listening to deception, grumbling, moaning and complaining, and it's all happening in our gateways—the eyes, ears, nose, mouth, eyes, and the mind!

These Ancient Gates, or doorways, are hindering your clear view and preventing the flow of God's answers to your current problems, because of what is lingering inside these doorways and the dark corridors in your ancient past. These gateways come from an ancient mystical past that has been setup in the Spiritual Realmin the Unseen World! “How do I know this?” And “where are these Ancient Gates exactly, because I can’t see themyou ask?”

I know this sounds strange and may seem impossible to some, little left field thinking, illogical, or impractical to the way we have been taught, or our common understanding, but I have traveled down these long dark corridors, through visions, and have seen what was coming out of them, or blocking them, and it was ruining my life! And nothing changed until I did something about it. I want to share with you this knowledge and also the understanding, so that you too can receive the breakthrough you have been constantly praying for!

Do you feel blocked, stagnant, confused, and constantly pushed back? How about wanting to know what your destiny is, but never ever really find what it is?

The Bible says to:

“Lift up your head, O gates! Be lifted up, O ancient doors, that the King of Glory may enter!” [ Proverbs 25:28 ]

That means we need to take action! We are God's as image-bearers, supposed to shine His divine glory into this world, but we are barely making it through everyday struggles, let alone knowing our destiny, or shining God's Glory. But you can release Gods Glory through you, I've seen it on others, where their face shine white, and have experienced it myself with gold dust constantly shining out of my skin, and even a time when someone else could see the Glory, coming out of my face!

The wonderful Glory of God, or the manifested presence of God, is more than just a warm presence, it is His Power, His Light, His Love, His Healing, His Strength, His Wisdom, and more, all rolled into one explosive unit of moving, regenerating, light that can exude right out of your body! It is not just locked up in Heaven somewhere, where the Angels get to enjoy it, it is available to you 24/7! It’s built-in. That’s how God designed it—it’s how He designed you. Because you were born of God [John 1:13], that glory is inside you right now! All things that the Father has—including His glory—belong to you as a believer. I know, Ive seen it, felt it, and tasted it, and it is good! This kind of Power resurrects, delivers, overcomes and transforms even the hardest hearts and the unbeliever! It is stronger than any other type of electricity, or power in existence, and it belongs to usHumans! It's time to do something about it!

“But he, being full of the Holy Spirit, gazed into heaven and saw the glory of God.” [Acts 7:55]


  1. Pray the Glory manifests through you For I consider the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us. [Romans 8:18]

  2. Ask Jesus to release the Glory through you Please, show me Your glory [Exodus 33:18]

  3. Believe Jesus will show you the Glory if you have mustard seed faith, anything is possible to you [Matthew 17:20]

  4. Prepare your Heart for the different levels of Degrees of Glory by walking in love and acts of Kindness on purpose.

  5. Ask Holy Spirit to release His Dunamis Power through you [the Power and Glory] you have a tankful of Holy Spirit Dunamis Power it's up to you to release it through your mouth!

Each born-again believer has the ability to manifest God’s glory here on Earth, but we must believe when we pray. That’s why Jesus told Martha that if she would believe, she would see the glory of God [John 11:40].

“But we all, with unveiled face, beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from glory to glory, just as by the Spirit of the Lord.” [2 Corinthians 3:18]

It's time to clean up the Ancient Gates of our ancestors, all their sins, traumas, and beliefs, and allow the King of Glory to come out of our bodies, so we can be the light on the hill, and shine God's glory on our faces so that others may come to know Jesus and live a life of eternal salvation.

Join me on a practical journey of discovery of the supernatural forces that block and hinder your prosperity, healing, and future success, by hiding behind these ancient gateways that is affecting your everyday life, because it is all happening in the Supernatural!

Learn how you can break free from Ancient Gates and release God's Glory through you in eBook HOW TO BREAK FREE FROM ANCIENT GATES. Available now on AMAZON.


Father God, I believe I have the Dunamis resurrection life giving power in me through the Holy Spirit. The glory is in me! I receive it and I’m walking in it! I ask that you show me how to understand the riches of the glory of our inheritance as saints. Release new levels of glory and greater levels of the manifestation of your Glory. Just like Moses, let your Glory shine upon me so that others may see your Glory and glorify you. Thank you Father, I know you hear my prayers because Jesus lives in me. Thank you in Jesus Name.

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