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How to fully surrender to GOD?

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

What does life look like when we fully surrender all of our lives to God, and not just parts of it?

Complete freedom, peace in our minds and soul, and health in our bodies.

But how do we do that?

How do we surrender everything, every dark corner of shame, guilt and condemnation?

The anger that sits in the deepest dark parts of our souls, that rears it's ugly head every now and then?

The frustration when others don't help, or say they will then don't, making us frustrated?

The hurt from loved ones that we just can't seem to let go of, even when we have forgiven them, or said we have forgiven them, but still deep inside we don't fully trust them any more and don't know if we forgave them really?

Unanswered prayer, that we just keep praying but never receive a response to, leaves us frustrated, sometimes confused, and sometimes even angry?

There are so many parts of our lives that are not fully surrendered to God. We love God, know we are saved, that everything is under the blood, and that Jesus has forgiven us, but what about our souls that are still hurting, frustrated, annoyed, angry, bitter, battling in our minds of things that people have done to us, jobs, careers, failures, disappointments, loved ones left us, rejection.... the list goes on.

Prosper in the Greek dictionary means "to succeed." He was praying that they recognized all the junk that was still inside going on in their souls was affecting them, in their life, health, and most importantly in every way. He was giving them a key that it is the soul that is causing them all their personal trouble and struggles. He was talking to believers, not unbelievers.

I remember, when I was very young, I made a best friend in my first year of school and that friendship lasted until we were about seventeen, until things started to go sour. We did everything together. We played sport, homework, sang and danced in shows, went to dance class, slept over each other's houses, we even liked the same type of boy, we swapped sandwiches, the list goes on. But when I left to change schools in senior high because we moved house, things just went in the wrong direction. She took offense that I left her and she soon rejected me. She spent the next five years of her life building her music career on her own without me -we were inseparable. We always sang together and did music together but for some reason she let this go and went on her own. For years she didn't talk me, or invite me into her music circle, which was the same circles I was working in, and when opportunities came up for the need of a singer, she would never invite me in, and just keep silently rejecting me. Soon enough when I would see her, or when someone in my circle brought her name up, I would flair up, get angry, agitated, annoyed and frustrated, just by the mention of her name! It took many years to realize that I was actually reacting this way and then one day my sister confronted me that I needed to fix it, let it go, and move on. Initially, I didn't realize I was so angry about it, or that I actually felt rejected and hurt by her actions. But it was true, and I had to surrender this part of my life to God over and over again until it just didn't flair up anymore. I forgave her so many times, but my emotions did not follow suit, and soon enough I had to learn how to "heal my wounded soul" through the word and with prayers that healed this part of my soul.

Now I am free from this emotional drama, but it did take much effort on my behalf to surrender these feelings and emotions constantly to God, even when it hurt, made me cry, and sometimes flair out in anger asking, "why it was me who had to forgive, when she did all the rejecting." Yes, it was hard to surrender it to God, and was a long process of healing that I had to go through in order for myself to be healed and made whole again.

Surrendering to God these types of issues is not easy, especially when we have strong emotions and strong feelings attached to the issue. It could be our parents abandoned us, our loved ones left us, or a dream job we wanted so much that was just given to someone else less talented and less deserving, when you know you worked real hard, and studied so much to prove yourself for the role, but they just wouldn't give it to you. It's so easy to be angry, and stay angry, because you know you rightfully deserved it. But that anger only makes us hurt on the inside, in our soul, and like John said, if we prosper in our soul, everything else we do will prosper, and even our bodies will be full of health.

So what part of your soul have you not fully surrendered up to God?

Your career?

Your relationships?

Your family?

Your hopes and dreams?

Your business?

Your full devotion and love to God?

Your pain and remembrance?

Your mind, will and emotion?

Your bitterness?

Your anger?

Your hurt or pain?

Your rejection?

Your disappointments?

How do we even do that?

The Steps:

1. Recognize the root of the problem

2. Recognize who hurt you, or the issue

3. Write down a list of any unforgiveness, hurt, bitterness, shame, anything connected to the problem/issue etc

4. Forgive them again and wash that thought, or words, emotion, feelings, every time it rises up within you, through the blood to Jesus

5. Ask Jesus to remove it from your soul, and any doors open, or attachments to that person, or problem, until it is completely gone from your mind, thoughts and pain

6. Once it is gone you shouldn't feel anymore bitterness, rejection, or shame and if that person or situation is mentioned it doesn't affect you in any way, then you will know it is fully surrendered.

Do this to every part of your life and watch your spiritual growth change your life. Watch your life be healed, your sickness leave, you will have freedom in your mind, will and emotions. You will soar like eagles wings, and watch your prayer life change, your words change, and how quickly you will forgiver others because you know what it will do to you if you don't.


Heavenly Father, forgive me for holding on to...............

I forgive ............... for .....................

I plead the blood of Jesus on this sin, and holding onto this sin, and I release it to you through the blood that covers all sins.

Remove this pain, hurt, shame, guilt, condemnation, anger, disappointment, rejection..................

I release it to you and I cut any soul ties that I may have with this person, or with the problem.

I've held on to this for too long.

Heal my wounded soul so that I may prosper and be in health.

I also release the resurrection power of the Holy Spirit and the cross that heals every broken part of my soul.

Thank you for Father for healing me, restoring me, forgiving me and making me whole again.

In Jesus mighty and wonderful name.

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