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Updated: Aug 10, 2022

Hi, my name is Semra Michaels, I am a Seer Prophetess, a person who can "see" into the supernatural, and I believe that all things are possible, and prayer is the Key to those possibilities.

I believe God still answers prayer today.

Actually, I know God answers prayers, because He has answered mine!

But for years I struggled to hear from a silent God! I prayed day and night but wasn't sure if I was praying the right way, or even if my message was getting through. I was so desperate to receive a divine response, I begged, pleaded and cried myself to sleep, so I could get out of my struggles, pain, and the confusing mess I was in!

Now, I have learnt how to pray correctly, and get a response all the time!

But how do you know if you are praying correctly?

How do you know if you are even saying the right words?

Prayer is the Key that unlocks all the treasures of the Kingdom of God, and Supernatural Miracles, giving anyone access to the Divine that is simply out of our reach!

Prayer is an invitation from the Divine for Communication and Connection!

Prayer is an important Key that God has placed in our hands to use to connect with Him, hear His Voice, and to receive instructions to solve our daily problems.

Yet, are your prayers being answered?

God says in the Book of Psalms [50:15] “Call upon Me in the day of trouble and I will deliver you.”

But, how do we call Him, and even know that He is listening?

Are your divine channels blocked, clouded by bitterness, judgement, criticism, gossip, slander and confusion? Choking in unforgiveness, anger, deceit, lust and sin?

Certain Prayers open up these divine channels that are blocked and give you access to the supernatural doorways to God where all His power and provision flows. I have seen these doorways, corridors and even gateways, I have even traveled down them through supernatural means, to find God and Angels waiting for my arrival. There are many channels that are available to us, and we can access them, we just need to know how.

In FREE eBook "Five Keys to Answered Prayer" I show you what took a lifetime to learn, how to unblock these channels, and how to get answered prayer all the time!

I give you Key Tools, Tips, Prayers and some supernatural encounters I have faced, that will change your prayer life, and your life forever!

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