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Updated: Aug 22, 2022

The importance of reading the Scriptures is crucial to our spiritual growth. We know reading the scriptures is one of the Keys to our spiritual growth because it is the Word of God, and Jesus is the Word made flesh, therefore these words are divinely made downloaded from Heaven, with instruction, warnings, and counsel for everyday living. Not only are the Scriptures God’s word, but they are accompanied with God’s power to “perform its work” and "perform miracles" in the everyday life of a believer. It also sends Angels on our behalf to fight our battles, when we read the Words of God into the atmosphere. This is one of the reasons that the Scriptures are crucial to Spiritual Growth.

1. Lack of Knowledge cause us stagnant Spiritual Growth

The Book of Hosea says "we lack knowledge," and therefore this causes us not only problems in our everyday lives, but in spiritual growth. If we don't understand the Word then we must seek out its understanding, through Bible dictionaries, scriptures cross referencing, Hebrew to Greek translations and other experienced interpretations. I say others, because Jesus told us "when two or three are gathered, there I am." [paraphrased] He is among the midst of believers and usually the Holy Spirit gives a revelation of the Word, a Word of knowledge, or someone else the interpretation, because God likes to work in the individual, but also in the body of Christ.

In the Old Testament, people, even King David, would seek answers, not only in the ancient texts of their ancestors, or through prayers and song, but answers from the Prophets and the Seers.


Because they had direct access to the spiritual realms, and answers from God!

Whether by Dreams and Visions, or direct visual access to Heavens, and their courtrooms, the Seers could get answers, or interpretations, pretty much immediately, and respond to the needs of the Kings, and their people. They heard the Voice the God, and would get answered prayers.

But most people today don't even hear the voice of God, because they are:

1. Choked by their sins, or ancestors sins

2. Are too busy, worried, and distracted with everyday living and materialism

3. Do not have the Holy Spirit living inside of them

4. Do not ask for counsel from the Holy Spirit

5. Don't read the Bible, or know how to pray effectively

6. Do not seek wise counsel from experienced spiritual advisers (such as Prophets/Seers)

7. Do not seek Heavenly Courtroom advice

2. Sanctification of our bodies and souls through Christ

When Jesus prayed, He prayed for many things, but sanctification was one of them for us the believer, an important journey for the souls of the believer and their spiritual growth.

Sanctify them by Your truth. Your word is truth. [John 17:17]

Sanctification means to make holy and is an ongoing process where God works in the believer, through His Word, to make the believer more like Christ. We are to be more like Jesus, who was anointed with purpose and fulfilled the God plan, walked in Spirit, and in truth. Through His example, and Words, are to grow from Glory to Glory, revelation to revelation, conviction to conviction, until we are sanctified in the truth and knowledge of Jesus's Words - the Truth about everything spiritual and natural.

....continue to work out your salvation with fear and trembling, for it is God who works in you to will and to act in order to fulfill his good purpose. [Philippians 2:12-13]

3. The Holy Spirit’s Ministry

It is crucial to our spiritual growth that we have a connection and relationship with the Holy Spirit. This was Jesus's greatest gift for us humanity, other than salvation, for without it we cannot function spiritually, or be Holy in any form, according to the scriptures. We would be just working the flesh, doing works, or worse, trapped by the lies of witchcraft!

King David, called out to God, Psalm 51:11

"Do not cast me from your presence or take your Holy Spirit from me."

In the OT, they had the Holy Spirit visit them, now He lives inside us! We get instant answers and even intercession from the Holy Spirit, direct to God.

Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God. [Ephesians 6:17]

In spiritual warfare, we need to know what weapons we have, and how to use them strategically to directly target the enemy, and the Sword of the Spirit, which is the Word, is Key.

A “sword” is a sharp, large, knife, that is used in battle to kill the enemy, and we as believers need to know how to wield our weapons in battle, or we will be struck down on the battlefield. The Holy Spirit is a necessity in spiritual growth, without Him we are dead in the water.

It is the Holy Spirit's job in bringing the believer to spiritual maturity, understanding of the Word, drawing us to Jesus and the Father, to neglect the Holy Spirit would be neglecting Gods Word, the main instrument in spiritual growth.

His divine power [Holy Spirit] has given us everything we need for a godly life [2 Peter 1:3]

4. A relationship with God

Without a relationship with God, it is almost impossible to grow spiritually. Yes we need the Word, Yes we need salvation in Christ Jesus, Yes, it is the Spirit who draws us nearer to God, but once you have that close encounter relationship with God everything changes!

One time, we were in Church praising during worship, my sister, my aunt and myself. It wasn't long before we were lost inside of worship and lifted into the spiritual realm. At the same time, my aunt and myself were so drawn into the presence of God that we both saw the same bright light shining right back at us. It was so peaceful, joyful, loving, kind, powerful and wonderful, all rolled into one. I was afraid out of reverence, and then I wasn't afraid, as He drew me in closer. I opened my spiritual eyes further and gazed into the glaring light, that was staring right back at me. I didn't want to miss this once in a lifetime encounter! Everyone says "you can't see God" but there I was gazing into His bright light wonder! What I then noticed was the light was constantly moving, coming forth from the center of the light, and looked like it was regenerating itself. It was so amazing. I just wanted to stay there and never move from that spot. I felt so peaceful and like I was floating in love. Then I saw two eyes come forward straight at me from within the light, looking directly at me, but moving side to side in different angles, quickly, but smoothly, then moved back into the center of the light where it disappeared. At first it freaked me out, because it had no body, but then a thought came to me, it might be Jesus, or it could be the seraphim, what if it is God!

So many strange, yet wonderful things have happened to me in the spiritual realms, but this is all because, as my desire and heart is called and wants the things of God, seeks the things of God, and practices the things of God, more and more is revealed through scriptures, His Word, and through visions, and encounters with Heaven!

How is your Spiritual Growth?

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