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How to Operate in Dreams?

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

When I found myself inside of a dream, within a dream, within a dream - it freaked me out!

I felt trapped, lost, unable to function within the dream, and couldn't wake up from the nightmare. I was frightened, looking for ways to get out of the dream, but I simply just found myself within another dream!

It seemed humanly impossible and was just like watching the movie Inception, but I didn't use drugs or machines, I was within three dreams - supernaturally!

God is so wonderful sometimes He just shocks us into things! Sometimes you can only learn from mistakes, or going on the journey, traveling to uncharted lands, trying that new thing, and it is only then we find our self in the impossible! If sometimes we are not pushed into it we won't know it exists, or even believe that it is possible.

The Dream Platform is the place where the spiritual takes place. It is where God speaks to us, giving us messages and gifts, but it is also where other spirits infiltrate, deceive, lie and trick you to make agreements with you, in order to penetrate the human world, through the dream.

Bible examples of others who had dream encounters:

- Jacob saw Angels ascending and descending from Heaven onto Earth when he fell asleep.

- Daniel heard the voice of God

- God spoke to Abimelech and told him he was a dead man for taking someone else’s wife!

- King Nebuchadnezzar saw a dream that made him fearful, and the fantasies of it troubled him!

[Ecclesiastes 5:3] [1 Kings 3:5] [Genesis 28:12, 20:3] [Daniel 4:5]

Because most of us are extremely busy and distracted with this world, in all its getting of material possessions, bombarded with advertisements, entertainments, busyness, running a business, trying to make money, looking after our personal needs and wants, etc sometimes we are dulled to the voice of God. What should be loud and clear is usually muffled, distorted, or simply silent! Therefore, God opens the ears of humans and seals their instructions in their dreams! [Job 33:16] Why? Because we are quiet and our minds are silenced - not busy thinking of our planning and lists that we need to get done that day. We are resting, less in control of the body, but allowing it to receive in this state. As our body sleeps our spirit is still awake, and has the opportunity to travel to the supernatural without the interference of - YOU!

In Gibeon, the LORD appeared to Solomon in a dream and gave him: discernment, wisdom, knowledge, understanding, and riches and honor in this life! He gave him instructions in how to operate in this life, to be successful and wise, and how to look after his people, as a just judge. He didn't need a degree or twenty years of experience, he just got it all in one night! Wouldn't that be awesome!

So there I was, being chased by something in a dark land I didn't recognize. As it almost grabbed me I screamed loudly and jumped back into the second platform of the dream. I didn't realize I was on the second platform until I saw myself watching myself on an old TV screen, sitting in a strange lounge room. Through the screen I watched myself come out of that first place and felt safe for just a moment, until something arrived, and before I knew it I screamed again for God to "get me outta there." Then I saw myself, as though watching a tunnel of time, of all three platforms through TV screens across all three dreams, thinking I was safe and out of the Dream Platform, but I was still in the dream. It was only then I realized I had been in three dimensions and frightfully woke myself up out of the dreams! Even though I had tried to do this in the other dreams, it was only when I got back to the first dream level I could come out of it!

When I woke up, I wasn't so sure if I was awake or still in a dream. It was dark, very late at night and I jumped out of the bed turned on the light, and triple checked that I was awake and not asleep in a dream. It took me a moment to gather my thoughts, stop freaking out, and then try to unpack the dreams.

How did I do that?

How did I get there?

How did I wake myself up?

Who heard me scream?

Who was chasing me?

What just happened?

Why did this happen?

So many questions I just kept asking myself over and over again, trying to find the answers, but it was very difficult to find. I couldn't find anyone who had this same experience as me. Then, when I saw the movie Inception, a few months later, that it started making sense to me. So here they were, these characters, trying to infiltrate the Dream Estate to make a change or adjustment to real world, by speaking to someone in the dream, putting a thought into the deep recesses of their mind, so deep into the conscious that when that person woke up, they thought it was part of them, and that the thought was their thought and natural to their progression. This was done unnaturally, through means of drugs and machines, but intentionally. Yet, I had experienced it supernaturally! God chose to use me, through this experience, to understand the supernatural platforms better, and awaken me to the possibility, that was simply impossible! There is so much we don't understand or can even fathom of what we can do in the Dream Estate and the supernatural - but this was definitely a mind opener!

So how did they even know how to do that? Where did they get the knowledge to even understand how to operate on this level? Who told them this was possible. I've written screenplays and in order to make it authentic and real, there is so much research needed to even consider when writing a film. What makes a film great are many things, and there are simple structures you can follow, like the 'Hero's Journey,' but still in order to make people believe the film is real, or even possible, it has to be founded on truths of real life situations to be authentic. So I knew, that in order for them to make Inception, someone had to have experienced it, tried it, or knew someone that did, in order to write the screenplay in the first place!

I have now learnt to function and operate in the first dream level. I had read a book once on someone else's supernatural experience into their Dreams and Visions, and realized I too could learn how to operate in the Dream Estate. As I started practicing, I noticed I could easily speak and control other beings on this platform, so if something was trying to frightened me I would simply tell them to stop and go away! And they did! Yes, this would take courage, boldness, and intention, but that is what was required to develop and engage on this platform. The way I did this was before I went to sleep I would pray to the Holy Spirit to guide me in my dreams, and soon enough, my mind was awakened and as if it was awake in the dream, and that eventually I knew I was in there. Now I can go in and out of dreams, go back and watch dreams, slow them down and so on, it takes time but it can be done, all even while you're awake! This only happens with conscious decisions, engagement, and a willing intention to learn how to do it and asking for God's guidance through it.

Therefore, when God throws you in the deep end of something you don't know anything about, or even believe it to be real, not only does he want to freak you out, but he wants to wake you up, shake you up from your limited thinking and knowledge. It means He wants you to learn about it, search the scriptures and engage with the topic. Perhaps you were praying for more, more knowledge, more wisdom, more about the supernatural, and this is the way He gets the message to you, in doable snippets and revealings in your dreams - even if you don't understand it.

What I've learnt is the more you engage in the supernatural the more you gain experience and begin to understand how to operate in it. The Bible is the best place to start, as we learn how God operates in this platform, we begin to open our minds and see that all things are possible if we only allow God to use us to experience it. But in order to take it a step further we need to engage, we need to want it, and we need to ask God for it! Ask Him to take us deeper and further, to teach us about it whilst we are sleeping, and then whilst we are awake!

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