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Updated: Jan 13, 2023

In the book of Esther, of the Bible, we are told of a wonderful story of a young Jewish girl who became Queen, a true rags to riches story, but not only because of her beauty was she chosen, she was chosen by God to save the entire nation of the Jewish people, who were under threat of annihilation. God positioned her strategically in a place of influence, and with prayer, fasting, and bravery, she accomplished favor in the sight of the King. She answered when God called and went through a season of preparation, physically and spiritually to accomplish His purpose.

Queen Esther was originally an orphaned Jewish virgin girl, raised by her uncle Mordecai, who was given to the King Xerxes, the King of Persia, to hopefully be wed among other vying young virgin girls. Esther was physically beautiful, yet humble, and listened to her Uncle's instructions, and this led her to wed the King and free her people from annihilation, from the wicked minister, Haman, who took advantage of the King’s compliance, to pursue a personal vendetta against the Jews by having a royal decree issued ordering their destruction.

Before approaching the King with her request to save her people, Queen Esther prayed and fasted three days, no food or water, with her servants, and her people. Together they sought God for His council and divine favor, petitioning Him for help with the King's decision, for His people. When ready to approach the King with her request, she addressed him in her Royal Robes, this reminded him, and others, who she was, what her position was, and the influence she had in the Kingdom.

Even in all her jeweled gowns and crown, she still addressed the King in humility and reverence, this gave her favor in the sight of the King. When Queen Vashti, fell into disfavor with her husband the King, because she was disrespectful, rebellious and disobedience - she lost favor! But Queen Esther didn't. She knew humility was a key to getting his attention, and it worked!

Being in a position of influence means responsibility, not only for yourself, but for others - such as God's family. Like Queen Esther, God positions us in a place of influence for His purpose and plan to be fulfilled! This results in being saved from destruction, and spiritual and physical death, highly favored among influencer's, and blessed because of it!


  1. Fast - fasting humbles yourself before God and makes you spiritually aware

  2. Pray - Gods will and purpose into your situation

  3. Humble - yourself before your King and make your request known

  4. Ask - for Favor over your situation

  5. Be Brave - and enter Gods Court's in a position as a child of God


1. God says to us in the Bible to PUT ON a Garment of Praise

2. ENTER IN to His courts with Thanksgiving and Praise!

3. HONOR God before we ask our petition because of who He is and who we are addressing, the King of the Universe.

4. KNOW who you are and set yourself apart - we are ambassadors of the kingdom of God, a Royal Priesthood, the Priests wore garments that set them apart for God!

5. COVER yourself in God's glory, and the blood of Jesus which covers all sin, and address the King of Glory in His Robes of Righteousness, that makes us right standing in His merciful presence.

The Kingdom of Heaven Principles brings justice and righteousness to humanity, and to the supernatural realms. It is wise to humble oneself before the King of Heaven, God Almighty, Creator of the Heavens and Earth, and receive supernatural wisdom. Like Queen Esther, God calls us to humble ourselves so we can hear from Him!

God has chosen us to;

  • be Ambassadors of the Kingdom of God,

  • to do His will on the Earth

  • and see Heaven come down in reigning Glory!

We are not just King's and Queen's wearing nice clothes and in a position of influence, we are to use those things for Heavenly purpose!

God is calling modern-day Esther's to follow her example, learn how to operate as a Queen in the Heavenly Justice Kingdom in Out of the Darkness Book Series.

Are you ready to Rule and Reign on Earth?

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