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There he stood, the Preacher, up on the stage in front of hundreds of hungry people looking to find God, Salvation, Healing and Deliverance. As I sat in the front row, waiting to minister to those seeking healing and deliverance, the Preacher stood in front of hundreds of people waiting for God's touch. I watched in awe as he released "balls of fire" from his hands (in the supernatural), igniting the hearts of men, women, and children across the room, and every time he shouted the word "fire" another flamed ball would go flying across the room and into their hearts.

We were at a Healing Crusade in Philippians, and I was part of the team. Witnessing the supernatural meeting with the natural was an amazing feeling that I will never forget. The atmosphere was electric as people were encountering God in a powerful way. As the Preacher continued to release the Fire of the Holy Spirit, the room became charged with His presence. many were delivered, healed and filled with the Holy Spirit.

As believers, we have been called to experience the adventure of life with the Holy Spirit. Without His presence and power, we cannot fully live out our purpose and calling. Ephesians 5:18 urges us to constantly be filled with the Spirit, which means that we should always be hungry for more of Him in our lives.

Do not get drunk with wine, for that is wickedness (corruption, stupidity), but be filled with the Holy Spirit and constantly guided by Him - Ephesians 5:18

Experiencing the Fire of the Holy Spirit is an incredible and life-changing experience. It ignites a hunger and thirst for God that cannot be quenched. When we allow the Fire to consume us, we become vessels for God's power and love to flow through us.

It's heartbreaking to see many people who don't know what it means to experience the Holy Spirit, that's why I am writing this blog. Just this morning the Holy Spirit decided to drop in as he does sometimes, gently starting warming me up with songs and chants in the spirit, some not even words just melodies from heaven, then I saw the Angels arrive and they started singing with me - it was a divine sight to see! I felt comforted and engaged and stopped what I was I doing. I simply let go of everything, all my worries, troubles, concerns and commitments and engaged with Heaven. I have been working so hard lately trying to build a business that I just didn't stop to take time out for God, so He came and took time with me. That's how much He cares for us, even in your busyness He will make a way.

So there I was in front of my computers, head facing up and under the fire and anointing. The computers simply just disappeared as I watched the Angels sing with me. but it wasn't long before I ended up laying down on the couch under the anointing feeling the fire, unable to move, but getting healed, delivered and comforted by the power of the Holy Spirit. Sometimes we work so hard and we don't know what we need, but we we open our mouths sing and speak to God, He turns up in the most spectacular way.

The Holy Spirit is not an optional extra for Christians, He is crucial to our every day living, empowering our lives, healing us and still delivering us from our mistakes or hurts or disappointments. We need Him and that's why Father gave Him to us.

That's why I want to share this life-changing teaching on the Fire of the Holy Spirit with you. So that you can enjoy the benefits of Heaven and the Blessings of God through the Gift of the Holy Spirit. In Exodus 3 we see how God called Moses to bring the Israelite's out of Egypt, by fire. Father, sent an angel of the fire burning from within the bush to have a chat with Moses. Even though the bush did not burn up. Moses went over to see the strange sight, many had told him not to go up there, the Mountain of God, but Moses had no choice, when God calls you, He will find a way to make sure you turn up! When God spoke to him from within the bush, He gave him a mission to fulfill - save His people.

Like Moses, we may feel inadequate and unworthy to fulfill the calling that God has given us, but God assures us that He will be with us every step of the way. All we need to do is to constantly seek the Fire of the Holy Spirit and allow Him to guide us in fulfilling our purpose and calling.

Let's pray and receive the Holy Spirit right now:

How to Receive the Holy Spirit
  1. Repent and fully surrender your life to Jesus

  2. Ask God for the gift of the Holy Spirit and to Baptize you in fire!

  3. Receive it in Jesus name.



I come before you to confess all my sins of (name of each of your sins) known and unknown. I admit that what I have done is wrongful in your sight and it displeases you. Forgive me in Jesus name, wash away all of my sins by the blood of Jesus. Now, Baptize me in Holy Ghost and Fire! Holy Spirit envelope me in fire and love. I receive you. Thank you Father in Jesus name.

By now you would be feeling fire in your belly or in heart, sometimes on your head, this is the Holy Spirit open your mouth start speaking in tongues, or praise God, or sing him songs this charges up the fire, and enjoy His presence. Sometimes it is so overpowering and too much to bear so but just lie down and enjoy it, you may fall asleep but let Him do His work and fix you from the inside.

God Bless,


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