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The Witches Curse Poem

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

Double, double toil and trouble,

Fire burn, and cauldron bubble.

Eye of newt, and toe of frog,

Wool of bat, and tongue of dog,

Adder's fork, and blind-worm's sting,

Lizard's leg, and owlet's wing,—

For a charm of powerful trouble,

Like a hell-broth boil and bubble. [William Shakespeare (1564-1616]

Witches and Warlocks, life’s mysteries or impostors!

Who knows if there is truth in these hoaxers?

Spells and curses, blood and oil,

Let’s see if you’ll believe this magical foil!

Something about the mystical ways, that hurls you into its captivating gaze,

Starlight dreaming and astronomical craze, historical parables and ancient haze.

Tantalizing appearances, twirling mysteries and strange events,

Phenomenal miraculous happenings, or demonic ascent?

Open to all curious seeing eyes, even the ones who despise.

Expose the oldest tales of time, a quest of the ancients,

Is a supernatural crime!

The ancients stumbled at its mysterious spectacle,

Babylonians, Persians, even Egyptians, found an apocalyptical.

Opening the doors to ancients supernatural race,

Flying beasts with beauty and grace.

Following their dangerous ways,

Down to Dudael’s abyss, those chained creatures, until they face.

The judgment that befalls upon them,

Because of their unjust sin among men.

Magi’s lost in their mystical customs,

Traveling far beyond Mesopotamia, and the Levant, into portal discussions.

Where Atlantean’s left their green tablets to be found and remembered,

Past onto the Egyptians, as demons intended.

Unraveling the mystical tales of the Jinn,

Soul hunters of men, who lost their grin!

Their poisonous nightmares, preying on human fear,

Stealing their dreams, in the supernatural sphere!

The strangest stories on ancient walls, has baffled men of this angelic fall.

Rephaim, Anakim, Zuzim, and sons of Anak,

An ancient born race of Titans of divinity, and coming back!

Shrouded by what the ancients said, to conceal a trap in their dread.

Grigori, most powerful angels, an elite rank,

Traded their sorcery for an evil prank,

Took upon those women on the earthly plane,

To create a menacing giant, human race.

One-eyed giants hungry for men’s blood,

Were simply washed away in Noah’s flood!

The women were taught of sorceries and charms,

Playing God and creating harm.

Cursing men on their children’s blood,

Poured out on the altar of demonic scud.

Their ways past on through ancient books,

Still in use, if you just take a look!

Gypsy’s, Romani’s, roaming from India to Turkey,

Where they found my bloodline and definitely cursed me!

A dark and cruel evil reign,

Has left upon me satan’s evil stain.

Called my name through an ancient kiss,

Pulling me into its dark abyss.

Visitations of a darkened spirit race,

Tied me up in knots of vexation, through space.

Spinning turmoil, lack, failure, and destruction,

Spirits stole my soul through spiritual abduction.

Trapped inside a supernatural prism,

No doors, no windows, just a ceiling of frustration!

How do I get out of this ancient magical maze?

One that traps, steals, and hurts, for praise.

I was just seventeen and on my way,

When she grabbed me for a moment, just to say.

I’ll fly you up on a magic broom ride,

Way up into the starry night sky.

Don’t be shy and do not hide,

For I can show you many things, she continued to lie.

Just don’t say a prayer, don’t mention God’s name.

We can’t upset the spirits, or turn down their fame.

You may laugh at the witches glare,

But I’m warning you, you just better beware!

She’ll come after you when you least expect it,

Take your life, your money, and children,

Giving you a counterfeit infection!

When all reject you and no one will take you in,

She’ll take you deep, within her sin.

She’ll take you far, just a chant and a spell,

Mixed with lust, your desires, and the poison’s of hell.

A reading of cards, or a coffee cup interpretation,

Opening doors to your soul, for a company of supernatural strangers.

If you gaze into her crystal ball, filling your head with future illusions,

the greatest fall.

All for just a price, you’ll pay, more than silver or gold,

Yes, a spiritual delay and hindrance hold.

You’ll wonder what happened to you,

In ten, twenty years, or more,

When all goes wrong, because you searched folklore.

Ancient spells, now cursing your life,

Trapped in her knots, for you must pay the price.

When unlocking occult secrets, the bill comes due,

The death of your children’s blood, if you only knew.

All because you wanted selfish gain, something more from this life,

Now, a supernatural stain!

What else from this life, could you steal for your store?

Down curious ancient pathways and those damned spiritual doors!

Be warned, take heed, listen! To the wisdom of council,

Experience and age is no fool, stay away from their tinsel.

You must destroy the curse of the witch’s den,

That slowly sneaks upon all men!

About me:

I lived a lifetime of failure, frustration and stagnation, because of witchcraft curses that were put on me through my family bloodline. I had no money in my pockets even when working three jobs! Not only did my ancestors visit mediums and fortunetellers for future sayings, but my family did too! Their actions affected my everyday life, without me knowing! Spells, curses, and incantations were poisoning my life through bloodline activation, demonic altars, and it took a longtime to figure it out how to learn how to reverse it so that I could live a spell-free cursed life! You can too!

Learn more:

In my book, How to break free from Witchcraft, part of the Out of the Darkness eBook Series, I go into much detail about witchcraft, the history of witchcraft and how it is still used today, and it how effects us.

No one is immune from witchcraft, it is inside our society whether we choose to beleive it or not. It is in the horoscopes you read daily, in the movies you watch, in the pubs you drink at, in the songs you listen to, in the Turkish coffee cup you have read for fun, in the tarot cards you so easily pay a price for to hear, in the medium's and psychic's false visions and lies, it is in the curses you make, in the blood sacrifices made in secret on altars, in the cauldrons of incantations, in the wishes made to goddesses and gods of the ancient past, and the false promises bought from people for you to see the unseen realm.

Don't be blinded anymore by the veils of witchcraft, let God open your eyes to the truth, and see what is hidden by the kingdom of darkness in witchcraft and how you can defeat it in my eBook How to break free from Witchcraft. Click on the image below and BUY NOW, don't let unbelief steal your joy and life another day!

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