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Updated: Aug 10, 2022

I had a disturbing dream vision last week of spiritual beings in black cloaks, dark and sinister, demons, aliens, floating above the earth, pointing, ruling and controlling over humankind. Everyone was under their dark command and they had control over all!

We were enslaved and under their rule.

I looked up and there in the sky were beings floating in coordination way above us, like big birds in the sky, the sky was clear as day. Once it sensed I noticed it was there, it came down to me and spoke in a language I did not understand, it did not sound like anything I have ever heard before, not even an ancient language, this language was unknown. Once it said what it said it flew away and I immediately woke up!

I had a strange feeling this was the very near future... very near indeed!

The Bible has foretold of these beings long, long time ago. It's time for us to wake up and pray for the time is at hand!

For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against spiritual wickedness in high places. Ephesians 6:12

Spiritual wickedness is all around us. Many have opened the gateways, and keep the gates opened to the supernatural demonic realms that haunt us, taunt us and rule over us. These opened doorways allow dark spirits to continually come into our world empowering them through altars, chants, spells, prayers and unholy sacrificial acts that allow them to ENTER IN! The Holy Spirit told me to Pray at the Principalities, the Rulers and the Powers to be removed. To bind them and cast them away! It's time to take action - NOW!


Heavenly Father,

I repent for the wickedness in high places, for the rulers of this earth, the government, the people in high positions that have sacrificed on altars, released curses, and opened the doorways to the supernatural allowing demonic rule over mankind. Just like in the days of Babylon, Father let not them rule us through the systems of mankind. I BIND and BREAK the powers, the rulers and authorities over the Earth that humans have allowed and given access through altars, enchantments, spells, and sacrifices, through bloodshed and other unholy acts. I break their curses, their chants, and spells that gives these demonic beings power and authority. I reject Satan and all his demonic works and I apply the blood of Jesus over humanity, over the government, over the media air ways, over the mind's of humanity, over this one world system, just like in the days of Babylon is only to rule and enslave humankind.

I rebuke and bind the works of the devils, demonic beings, in Jesus Name. Jesus, creator of the universe, owner of the Earth, lover of our souls, King of kings and Lord of Lords, we take back what is ours, hold back the enemies at the gates, release your warrior angelic armies to hold back the enemies from their demonic works. Release the blind and let them see what is around them and working through them, above them. Remove the darkness that surrounds us. Remove the works of the devil. Release your glory on the Earth. I release the blood of Jesus on the Earth. In Jesus Mighty and Powerful Name!

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