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What are the Spiritual Gates and the Eye of the Needle?

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

What is the Eye of the Needle, and what does it have to do with my Spiritual Gates?

Good question! A lot of question's about the Bible stems around the misunderstanding of its meaning, and sometimes not only hard to understand, but hard to interpret. We are going to look at the Eye of the Needle and Ancient Gates, the ancient interpretation, and what this means to us in this day and age.

Jesus said to the rich man: "Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich person to enter the Kingdom of God.” [Matthew 19:24]

Growing up we thought the eye of the needle was actually the opening part of the needle you use for thread to sew garments. It didn't make sense to us and it took many years to find out its true meaning and interpretation. Of course a camel couldn't go through a needle that would be impossible, yet here Jesus is saying it is easier for the camel to go through it, than for a rich person to enter the Kingdom of God! So what does it really mean?

The Eye of the Needle was actually a small Gateway into the city of Jerusalem. A side door, more or less, that when the main gates were closed to the public, people used this doorway for entering into the city of Jerusalem after dark. But this was no easy task. Designed with high security purposes, this door was smaller than the usual big arch double doorways that let armies and horses in. Its small size was built this way on purpose so that enemies could not ride, or hide, on camels back to enter in. All possessions had to be removed from the camel before slowly, lowering and entering in. This way people could see what was coming and going into the city and could monitor the entry point. So even though it was a difficult task, even awkward for the camel, maybe some bending was needed and involved, it was still easier for the camel to enter in, then it was for a Rich Man, why?

Rich people usually carried heavy loads that came with many burdens concerning their material possessions, how they were going to get more, and protect what they had, therefore, they weren't able to easily unload their wealth off the camels, and simply walk into the Kingdom of God, the place of Worship, and through God's Gate's. It would have been easier for them to sleep outside the Gates and wait till morning to enter in, but outside were the thieves, murderers, leprosy people, and there was only safety within the Gates!

The Ancient Gates of Jerusalem held a huge significance in the life of the worshiper, and the believer of Yahweh. It was the Temple of God, and the Gateways to the Kingdom of God, into His Holy Place where His burning flame of fire and Holy Presence resided, this was in the center of the Temple, and the only way to get there was through the Gates. Each gate had a significant meaning representing spiritual awareness, a Holy Sacrifice, a cleansing, and so on, in order to enter into the Presence of God something needed to be done. [more about the Gates and their purpose in "How to break free from Ancient Gates."]

Jesus wasn't saying the rich man couldn't enter in, he was saying how difficult it was for him to enter because of the entanglement and concerns for his material possessions and wealth, and not about humbling himself for the presence of God. If you read the rest of the parable you will see that the rich man couldn't do what Jesus asked of him, and walked away from Jesus, even though he wanted to enter in, he could not, because he had way too much heaviness and baggage that he simply could not let go of, and was not willing to part from it, like many of us today with our concerns of the material world.

Unfortunately, he was not willing to unload himself of all his wealth and he missed out on what his heart was looking for - The Kingdom of God! Jesus also said, "where your heart is there your treasure is also," so good or bad, it all stems from a heart issue. People usually find it hard to reach out to God because they are entangled by worldly possessions, worries of the mind, concerned with the getting and building, filling the void in their soul with possessions, but only God can fill this emptiness in your soul.

You can break free from spiritual Ancient Gates, and actually learn what is sitting in these Gates that stop you from receiving the King of Glory! Where all your blessings flow, your healing resides, the power of God, and much, much more, and it all comes down through the Ancient Gates!

I had many visions concerning the Ancient Gates and even saw demons blocking access to Gods spirit from entering in through these spiritual gateways all the way back to Set - demon god of death - from Ancient Egypt. I didn't even know I was connected to it! Just like my friend who had arrows being shot from Ancient Egypt and she was Italian!!

Learn how to clean your Ancient Gates and receive God's Glory in eBook How to break free from Ancient Gates from Out of the Darkness eBook Series.

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