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Updated: Jan 13, 2023

My Aunt and I were watching the 1998 American animated musical film produced by DreamWorks Animation and released by DreamWorks Pictures called Prince of Egypt, the biblical story of Exodus and those famous words of Moses that still ring with truth "Let my People GO!" It is without a doubt the most beautiful animated films of all time and with spectacular heart wrenching music and songs that takes you back in time and reminds you that God cares about our daily lives and difficult troubles we are facing. If we just look at our lives Through Heavens Eyes!

Then the LORD said to Moses, “Go to Pharaoh and tell him that this is what the LORD, the God of the Hebrews, says: ‘Let My people go, so that they may worship Me. But if you continue to restrain them and refuse to let them go, then the hand of the LORD will bring a severe plague on your livestock in the field—on your horses, donkeys, camels, herds, and flocks.… Exodus 9:2

Without fail I am again down on my knees crying and in prayer thanking God for this amazing journey Moses had and how it has affected my life even today in believing for Miracles, Signs and Wonders, in deliverance, in prophecy and in that beautiful mountain top experience where Moses met God face to face! And continually met God face to face having conversations and hanging out with God!

I love this film and its true story shows us the heart of God, His love for His people, and how He works with people and through people to bring about change and miracles.

Deliver us those two words still echo in my heart, when I am struggling, or in strive, and it turns my eyes to Jesus in the hope that He will again deliver me out of my misery and heartache, and He always comes through!

Sometimes it can feel like we receive a prophecy, or a word, from God or even read his promises from the Bible and we wait and wait, hoping wishing and believing until that miracle takes place. But it wasn't until Miriam stood up to Moses and told him about her and her mother's prayers that he would be the one to bring about freedom to the people through his hands. It was through her faith, and her voice, that it truly all began to happen way before Moses even went up to the Mountain of God and meet God face to face!

"Sometimes we don't like to hear the truth, but is is necessary for us to move forward into the miracle" - Semra Michaels

I have seen countless miracles and deliverance sessions where demons and angels are present and make themselves visible and audible, and even felt the spirit substance. Miracles are real and can happen today, and everyday we just need to open our eyes and be in tune with the supernatural and speak out God's power with the power of the Holy Spirit.


Is it opening the ocean to walk across, is it running from an army, it is making blind eyes see, is it curing a common cold without medicine, is it stopping a volcano from exploding, is it money turning up out of nowhere, is it seeing an angel, is it getting something without working for it, is it stopping a car accident, is it curing cancer, is it bringing back a person to life?

Yes, these are all miracles.


The Dictionary says; a miracle is an extraordinary and welcome event that is not by nature or scientific laws and is therefore attributed to a divine agency. The Bible says:

that a miracle is the power to perform a miracle called dunamis, or dynamis (pronounced doonamis)

  • it is strength power, ability,

  • inherent power, power residing in a thing by virtue of its nature

  • power for performing miracles

It is the resurrection power given to Jesus from the Holy Spirit when:

  • He came back to life,

  • when He flew up into the sky and went back to Heaven,

  • when He walked on water,

  • when He healed the sick,

  • when He casts out demons,

  • when He cured leprosy,

  • when He made the lame walk and more...... and you can have the same power working inside of you!

All you got to do is ASK!

There is so much we can take from Moses' life, he was scared to speak to Pharaoh and felt incapable of speaking to a king, he had an identity crisis, he believed a lie, he was among demon gods and possibly worshiped them, he was adopted, lived in luxury in the world's most grandest kingdom, while his real family were struggling in poverty and slavery just down the road, he defeated alligators and hippos as a baby because of his mothers prayers (hard this must have been for her to endure and watch her son be taken into a river with aggressive creatures, but in knowing that she prayed to the water to "deliver him safely" to the other side and it would happen - mother's prayers are powerful!), his mother's prayers and hopes in God to see her and her families deliverance come through her estranged son.

to a Man of God

...full of power and glory perform miracles hearing God's voice and creating the Ten Commandments and delivering them to His people leaving a legacy and the most powerful book in the world for all to read the Bible!

Moses was not only freaking out that he met GOD but started to complain when God asked him to set his people free (when the supernatural meets the natural), something we all tend to do when God asks us to do something. Moses felt that he wasn't up for the task, but in fact I think he was also afraid to go back and face the people he ran away from, he knew he would have to face his brother and the truths about who he was, what he did (killing that man), and possibly facing the wrath of Pharaoh, but those precious words "I WILL GO WITH YOU," resonate the love of God and that no matter what challenges you face - God is with you!

But as I have learnt in deliverance you must go back to the past and remove any stain of sin that is keeping you back there, tied to souls, or demon gods, or demon altars, and false religions of the past keeping you trapped in sickness, in poverty, in lack, in confusion and so one.

I will bring you up out of the affliction of a land flowing with milk and honey. Exodus 3


A single thread in a tapestry Though its color brightly shines Can never see its purpose In the pattern of the grand design

And the stone that sits on the very top

Of the mountains mighty face Does it think it's more important Than the stones that form the base?

So how can you see what your life is worth Or where your value lies? You can never see through the eyes of man You must look at your life Look at your life through heaven's eyes


Father, thank you for revelation and knowledge through the Holy Spirit and your word. Thank you for the gift of sight, healing and miracles, signs and wonders. I ask you for another measure of the dunamis resurrection Holy Spirit Power to empower me with miracles, signs and wonders in Jesus name.

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